Wednesday, 27 April 2016

My Perfect Profile.

Hello, my name is Matt, I live (and was born) in Brighton and I'm a writer.

At 45 years, I've got the spirit of a 20 year old, a beer belly of a hippo and the will to succeed of a persevering penguin!

A family man with two young kids, a daughter aged 10 and a son aged 6, I've got my hands full keeping them entertained and nurtured.

I've got a good relationship with my ex and see her most days.

I'm looking for a beautiful lady to create a lasting relationship with. Its a shame my relationship with my kid's mother never worked out. I often think how it all went wrong and can only surmise that she lost faith in me and came to see me as a liability rather than an asset.

I warned her when we first met that I'm not your ordinary guy.

Born into a single parent family I've always stood up to the plate and have taken responsibility for my family. Without a dad to show me the ropes, I forged my own path in life. Determined to fulfill all my life's ambitions I've travelled the world, became a policeman in the British army, stood in a general election, published a book and had two wonderful kids having fallen in love with a beautiful woman.

I'm lucky when it comes to the important things in life. I've got my health, a lovely family and the will to succeed.

I've never wanted to be a slave to a job and go through life making other people rich. I've got my own dreams and aspirations and would rather work for myself than anyone else.

Thankfully I've been lucky enough to do just that. (Though I'm presently working for a construction company based in Crawley at the moment.)

So lets crack on and tell you everything!

I work as a bid writer for a construction firm in Crawley. Its a new job and I'm enjoying it a lot. For the last 4-5 years I worked as a freelance copywriter, but alas I never earned enough. My ex hated me writing and never supported me while I wrote. Funnily enough, now that I'm writing for someone else and getting paid considerably more than when I wrote for myself, she seems happy enough.

I'm earning enough to support my kids and leave enough for myself. My plan for the next 5 years is to finish my e-books and sell millions and millions. By fulfilling my dreams, plans and aspirations, I'll be a multi-millionaire this time next year!

Free Time.
Other than going to the cinema with the kids, or taking them down the park, I love to go for long country walks. In the country, along the shoreline, wherever really. I love to get out there and explore, be it on bike or on foot. Though having said that, I equally like to potter around the house and garden. I've got big plans to make my own irrigation system. I hate the amount of water a household wastes and I've got an idea to collect and filter all waste water from the house, to water the plants and garden.
Suffice to say, I love being creative. I'm never bored and always have something to do in my free time.

Much like my free-time, I love being active and creative. I also like the weird and wonderful. I'm obsessed with the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett, who repaints our ancient British history in a completely new light than what we've been taught at school. I like self help programs, like life coaching etc. I also believe in aliens and life on other planets.

Dreams & Aspirations.
Within the next 4-5 years I want to have built and be living in my own Earth-ship. Inspired by Michael Reynolds Earth-ships are self contained structures built from waste materials such as tires, glass bottles and cans. Collecting water from the roof, and recycling the water three times, from the sink, to the toilet, to the garden; to getting electricity from solar panels, to growing my own food and recycling all my waste; living in an Earth-ship is my number one dream.

Writing books, writing articles and making films. As I've already said, I love being creative.

I need to lose a few stone. Being depressed isn't good for anyone and while I hate to think I'm ever depressed, I have to admit that the break-up of my relationship has taken it's toil.
I want to be happy again. Get out running and exercising more. I eat too much and I know it. Getting fit and losing weight is my number priority in 2016.

Having been in the British army I know what it means to be fit and I'm looking forward to doing more circuit training, running and getting active with my kids and new partner.

One of my favourite movies is Galaxy Quest. I love the idea of space-ships and space travel being real, now. Other favourite movies include Dredd, Star Wars, Superman, Batman, Iron Man 1,2,3, Something about Mary and School of Rock.

I love horror, thrillers and fantasy. My favourite author has got to be Stephen King, closely followed by Dean R Koontz, Peter James, Raymond E Feist, James Herbert (RIP), Lee Childs and Jeffery Archer!

I love sex and would be happy to do it every hour on the hour if I could! I love a woman's body and do my best to savor every lucky moment I get to be with one! I'm a passionate guy who is passionate in bed. I like to please as much as be pleased. I'm definitely not a 'wham bam thank you ma'am' kinda guy.

During my younger wild days I was purely a soft drugs man. I drink socially and believe cannabis should be legalized and its healing properties used to cure cancer and other life threatening diseases...

Rock 'n' Roll.
I love guitar based music. I love the 70 style rock bands, Deep Purple, Ash, Thin Lizzy, Cream, Led Zepplin etc. I love Eric Clapton, Prince, and Dire Straits.

I've stood as an independent in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown general election and know first hand how corrupt politics is. Having taken a keen interest in politics for the last 20 years, I'm glad to look else-where and put my interest in politics firmly behind me.

I was brought up a Roman Catholic but have since become disillusioned with the Roman Catholic Church in the wake of the numerous child-abuse scandals. I believe in God Almighty and believe in Jesus Christ as his begotten son. Though (having read the historical research of Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett) I also believe Jesus Christ survived the crucifixion and came to England with his family in 35AD. (Jesus is buried somewhere in Wales!)

I'm looking for a lasting relationship. I didn't loose my virginity until 19, (and that's not because I couldn't find a willing partner, it was because I respect women and would only enter into a partnership with the finest of women,) and appreciate my lucky I am to have found someone willing to share their life and body with me. I don't take entering into a lasting and loving relationship lightly. I know what a big deal it is, and know how much happiness a happy lasting relationship brings.

Five things you would never have guessed about me!
  • I'm an award winning film maker. I won the short amateur film category at the International Bases Film Awards 2015.
  • I came last in the Brighton Kemptown general election with 69 votes.
  • I'm featured on the new Moai £100 million bank note.
  • I've self published a sci-fi thriller book called 'The Golden Cube.'
  • I've been featured on the BBC South Today news show.
Am I Mad?
Well my ex thinks I am. Which could be the reason why our relationship failed. I personally don't think I'm mentally insane. I'm just open to new things, news ideas and new ways of doing things.

My Claim to Fame!
I'm a successful writer. As the editor of Guerrilla Democracy News (writing about alternative view subjects,) I've had a few articles go viral with hits reaching 1 million a month. I've also got a youtube channel in which some of my 'controversial' videos have reached between 60K-100K hits.

Other people have called me a 'maverick' and a 'loose cannon,' while others have called me worse, a 'gay-clown,' and 'conspiracy nut' being two of many more.

I like to find other myself as a 'Royal Twatt' (Rearrange the words to spell my name). But in all seriousness; I believe I'm making a valued and important contribution to society and the world beyond. The world is ultimately an evil and dark place and I'm trying to bring a bit of entertainment to an otherwise dark task of making the world a brighter place to live for our kids.

At the end of the day my kids love and respect me. And that's good enough for me.
All I need now is a girlfriend...

Will you be the one? Send me a message and lets see...