Tuesday, 24 November 2015

AN OPEN LETTER TO WARREN MORGAN: Please refund £719 fine or provide a two bedroom council flat for my sister and I....

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Dear Warren Morgan,

Cllr Warren Morgan - Labour Council Leader
As the leader of Brighton’s Labour Party and as such, the leader of the Council, I wish to bring to your attention an injustice and moral atrocity which I pray you can resolve for me.

I’ve been forced to pay £719.00 to get our family car returned; towed away because I hadn’t obtained the necessary parking permit.

Please allow me to put what happened into perspective. The family car, (a silver Renault Scenic Registration No' LV03 RYM) which is registered in my name but used by my ex-partner, is yearly insured, MOT’d and whose car tax of £260 is paid yearly.

A few years ago I received a letter asking for my opinion of parking permits being issued across the Moulsecoomb area in light of the vehicle congestion of Brighton and Hove Albion fans parking in residential streets on match days.

I replied, “No,” that I’m not in favour, but my opinion was evidently dismissed because weeks later it was degreed by Brighton & Hove City Council that all resident’s in Moulsecoomb must get parking permits.

I filled out the necessary form and took it down to my local resident’s office to get the necessary parking permit.

It was explained that I never had the appropriate paper and that I must obtain a V50 to complete the requirements and get the permit.

I confess I didn't understand what they required and got back to life. Earning a living, raising children, maintaining the house, keeping healthy and doing the other 101 things people do necessary to lead a law abiding existence.

So you can imagine my surprise when within weeks I got a parking ticket on my vehicle, when it was parked outside my home, fully insured, MOT’d and taxed.

I wrote to the parking enforcement team in Brighton explaining the circumstances and they deemed my circumstances reasonable and dismissed the parking charge forthwith.

Again, a few weeks later another parking ticket was issued against me.

Intent in resolving the matter I contacted the parking department by phone and letter explaining my difficultly in understanding what paperwork was required.

Perhaps it's because I’m dyslexic or perhaps it's because I’m mentally ill, but I simply didn't understand what a V50 was and having asked for help, none was forth-coming.

I begged my ex-partner for assistance but she said “no” with the excuse, “Everything to do with the car is your problem.”

I begged officials from Brighton’s parking enforcement team to come to my home and help me find the necessary paperwork, but they instead insisted I must visit their offices at Hove Town Hall on the weekend to resolve the matter.

I simply didn't have time to do so. 

  • I was in the middle of a parliamentary political campaign as the prospective MP for Brighton Kemptown and was under considerable stress and strain having been attacked at my election office in Peacehaven, and arrested by Sussex Police when I called for help.
  • I was under stress and strain from my ex-partner as our relationship steadily deteriorated.
  • I was under stress and strain with an impending mental illness manifesting in the belief that our Government are out to kill us through false flag events such as 7/7 and the Woolwich terrorist attacks.

All this was confounded further by the regular issuing of parking tickets upon a vehicle which was legally parked outside my property, fully insured, MOT’d and taxed.

The continuing harassment I was receiving made my feel suicidal. On one night in particular I walked to a cliff’s edge in Peacehaven with the intent of ending my life. It was only for the love of my children that I stepped back from the edge.

I am a law abiding citizen who works my hardest to provide for my children. I maintain the family car, ensuring it’s MOT’d, insured and taxed and all I got in return was a parking ticket every match day.

Before I knew it I was drowning in bureaucracy. I had nowhere to turn. My ex-partner said it was my problem and the parking enforcement office simply carried on issuing the tickets without understanding my predicament. 

I simply didn't understand what a V50 was and how to get it. Suffice to say I eventually took it onto myself and rang the DVLA. They didn't know what a V50 was either but explained a V5 was a document which declared who the owner of the vehicle was. I explained that I hadn't got a V5 and asked for a replacement. They confirmed the vehicle was registered in my name and that a replacement V5 would cost £20. 

I had reached the end of my tether. Unable to afford £20 and unable to afford or address the mounting balance of the parking charges against me, I fell into depression which continues today.

Bringing the situation up to the present, I was forced to return to the family home because the campaign office in Peacehaven in which I was living, was fraudulently occupied by criminals in partnership with the local authority and Sussex Police.

The family home is a council house registered in my name but like the family vehicle, is predominately used by my ex-partner and children. I tried to get the tenancy signed over to my ex-partner but was unable to because doing so would make me ’intentionally homeless’ and unable to be housed by the Council.

My ex-partner is desperate for me to move out and to eventually sign over the tenancy to her, allowing her to get on with her life without any disruption to the children's life and schooling.

The £719.00 which I was forced to pay to get our car back was ear-marked for a deposit for a new flat for myself and sister, Emma Taylor.

Emma Taylor was made homeless in 2013 following a fire at 3 Widdicoombe Road in Mouslecoomb. Police originally accused her of arson which meant she was evicted by the Housing Association, becoming intentionally homeless and forced to sleep on the streets.

Since then Emma was housed at St Patrick’s hostel but has since been evicted and has been homeless and sleeping rough since July 2015.

The £719.00 was ear-marked for getting a flat in which my sister and I could share. Its worthy of note that we are both Brightonian, born and breed.

I now find myself back to square one, through no fault of my own.

  • My sister’s girlfriend froze to death while sleeping rough on a shop’s doorway on Boxing Day 2013. 
  • My sister is presently sleeping rough in doorways now and I fear she is liable to die due to the cold weather we are presently experiencing.

Through no fault of my own I have been forced to spend £719.00 to recover a vehicle which is fully insured, MOT’d and car taxed, legally parked outside my front door.

I had no notice that I had broken any laws by not having a parking permit... What law have I broken by not having a parking permit?

I took all reasonably steps to acquire the necessary parking permit. I made numerous telephone calls at my own expense and time and I wrote a number of letters explaining my situation and difficulties in understanding what was required.

I explained my situation at every turn and on a number of occasions those parking tickets were dismissed in light of the difficulties I was experiencing.

I feel gravely aggrieved and harassed by Brighton & Hove's City Council’s parking enforcement team. I feel suicidal and depressed that I’ve been forced to spend my savings paying for a fraudulent charge which on moral grounds is null and void.

What laws have I broken and what notice was I given that my vehicle was to be towed away? Where is the court judgement which justifies this?

Nothing has been stated in Law and as such I consider the action of towing away the vehicle and impounding it, unlawful, illegal and immoral.

  • My sister is sleeping rough on the streets.
  • My ex-partner is in distress because I am living at the family home.
  • My children are in distress having to experience the tension between their warring parents.
  • And I’m depressed and suicidal because I am back to square one, having worked so hard to save money to get a flat for myself and sister. 

Warren Morgan, I am applying to you directly to resolve this matter. 

I am making you directly responsible to resolve this matter by either refunding the £719.00 spent on recovering the family car or alternatively I’m making you directly responsible to resolve this matter by providing a two bedroom council flat for my sister and I.

This is deadly serious Sir. I am at the end of my tether and while jumping over the edge of the cliff is no longer an option, knocking on the asylum’s front door is.

In the same manner you publicised an open letter to Prime Minister David Cameron, I too am making this letter public, demonstrating my desperation to resolve this matter with urgency.

Please refund the £719.00 or provide a two bedroom council flat for my sister and I....

Yours Sincerely,
Matthew Taylor

Sunday, 22 November 2015