Thursday, 10 September 2015

MATT TAYLOR RATTLES HIS CAGE written by Royal T. Twat.

Fantasist Matt Taylor, claiming to be the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner has publicly declared that if elected the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner in 2016, he would sack the Chief Constable of Sussex Police force Giles York with immediate effect.

Labelled a “self serving snake” and “court jester” by Nailtown Slim aka Snerper, Matt Taylor, once considered a leading writer in the alternative media has come under sustained criticism for publicly deriding the work of granddad Chris Spivey, himself recently found guilty of harassment against the family of murdered solider Lee Rigby in a Chelmsford court last month.

Winner of the Short Amateur Film Category
Winner of the short amateur film category at the recent Bases International Film Festival, Matt Taylor has been condemned as a “dreamer” who will “never make it” following his very public spat with the leading figures of the Alternative Media, who in Matt’s opinion have failed to act positively towards the Hampstead Case.

Speaking from his padded cell somewhere in England, Matt Taylor complains like the spoilt baby he is, “We should be singing from the same song sheet but we aren't and as a result, the kids are being abandoned to the satanists controlling the world.”

Clearly deranged, Matt Taylor, editor of the failing news agency Guerrilla Democracy News, has come under renewed ridicule for claiming a UFO caused the recent Shoreham air-show crash and that the famous crime novelist Peter James is a serial killer.

As Nailtown Slim writes on Chris Spivey's comment section:

Nailtown Slim aka Snerper
If I’m speaking out of turn, then I apologise, but I’ve been a bit concerned about Matt Taylor’s vid ‘Royal Truth News Part 3′ ‘Chris Spivey Evades Jail’ that he posted on google+ last Saturday evening! He started off with Richie Allen then slipped into his bit of a tirade about Chris’s team spoiling it for Chris and then a snipe at Lisa Pea and finally said ‘ because of all this I’m not going to follow Chris any more’! I have followed Matt for a fairly long while, but, looking back through the years on his site I’ve realised that he flits from friendship to friendship like a butterfly! Not long back it was Danielle La Verite getting slagged off, before that it was his former ‘best friends’ from the ‘Bevvy community Centre’ near his home! The other day it was a vid about a UFO causing the Shoreham air disaster! Bluntly put, Chris never ‘Evaded’ jail at all, he’s an innocent man and never deserved the threat of jail in the first place, if any fucker is ‘Evading’ jail it’s perverts like Janner, and mass murderers like Blair and Camercunt! Matt is a strange bloke at the best of times, and maybe I’ve got the wrong end of the stick, if so, then as I said, I apologise wholeheartedly, I’m just like everyone else on here, I care about what Chris stands for, and just want to keep an eye out for any dodgy stuff directed toward Chris, his family and his team! If this is totally misinterpreted by me, then admin team, please bin it rather than publish it! I had to say something though because it’s been spinning around in my head for a few days now, I’ve written and deleted this three times this week, but finally had to get it off my chest!”

Re-affirmed by members of Spivey's inner team and supporters, Matt Taylor's standing in the Alternative Media has roundly been debased and thrashed.

Lisa Pea
Don’t worry about what Matt says Nailtown, he has thrown his toys out of the pram because Chris hasn’t covered a certain subject, and he feels he deserves answers, but doesn’t have the time to do his own research…..Facepalm. Funnily enough, his recent comments have disappeared from the fb page. Not down to me either, may I add xx”

No problems nailtown slim. Matt IS a strange man. Reading obviously not one of the prick’s strong points. He’s a prick, but not a very impressive one.”

Very strange. Matt put me on to Chris’s site in the first place. I understand Matt has political ambitions, so, maybe, the worm has turned….I hope not, I like Matt.”


A broken man, destitute and homeless, Matt Taylor attempts vainly to maintain his dignity in face of the sustained onslaught by Nailtown Slim against his character and reputation.

Nailtown Slim writes following Matt Taylor's recent comment on Spivey's site with reference The Shoreham Plane Crash Part 1:

So, the prodigal son returns, bring on the fatted calf, do it quickly though, before he fucks off again! Who actually voted you into being this all powerful shadow police crime commissioner? Was there an actual vote for you to take up this post? or did you just make up the position for yourself? Is there an oath you had to take?, or any talk of a salary from any ‘official’ body? In case you might be misled, I’ll spell it out Matt, I don’t like you, I certainly don’t trust you, you flit from hating the admin team on here, to creeping and arse licking around them, and I’ll tell you straight, I never mince my words, I’ve given you the benefit of the doubt before, but now I think you’re a snake in the grass!

I think you’ve hitched yourself to this Shoreham thing because you’re trying to get more public recognition by riding on the back of this site! When you thought Chris was going down you publicly distanced yourself from this site, the saying ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’ doesn’t apply to you obviously! As you well know, I’ve told you before that you will nick anyone’s theories because you’re a lazy fucker that can’t be bothered to put himself out by doing his own research! When the time suits you, you’ll be jumping ship again, and bad mouthing everyone on here! I’ve had my say, and time will certainly show you for what you really are!”

To which Matt Taylor responses in tears and a broken spirit:

No one voted me to become the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, and while I may like to believe I’m “all powerful” I’m far from it.

Having stood in the 2012 Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner elections, I created the office of Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner to ensure an added layer of public scrutiny existed which held the elected SPCC to account. It's lucky I did to, because since then at least 6 members of the public have contacted me with their stories of police corruption which suggest Katy Bourne has failed in her duty to hold the Chief Constable to account.

Let's be quite clear; I do this work voluntarily and have taken no oath. Unlike Katy Bourne who is paid £85,000 a year from the public purse, and who has taken an oath to hold the Chief Constable to account and who provably has failed to do so.

In my capacity as Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner I have done more than anyone in Sussex to expose the corruption that runs deep within Sussex Police.”

In response to allegations of being “a snake in the grass” and “hitching” himself on Spivey's research, Matt Taylor answers in defiance.

I have been a staunch supporter of Chris Spivey since I heard of him in 2012. I have since gone on to support him in anyway I can, and was the only Parliamentary Candidate in the 2015 General election who publicly defended him against his harassment charges against Lee Rigby’s family.

I begrudge being called a “snake in the grass” and “a lazy fucker who can't be bothered to put himself out by doing his own research” because it simply isn't true.

I’ve uncovered very serious cases of police corruption in my capacity as the Shadow Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner and have helped people along the way who didn’t get help from any where else. As the editor of Guerrilla Democracy News, I’ve bravely put myself in the firing line of the Dark Forces who rule this realm by exposing the crimes of Queen and country and have been the leading voice in reviving the memory of King Arthur II and promoting King John Wanoa from New Zealand as an alternative Monarch to fill the vacuum of the fake Windsor royal family.

I’m proud to have put forward solutions to our world’s problems rather than just moaning about them. No one else promotes Moai Tidal energy as I do. No promotes King John Wanoa’s new world economy of £970 million trillion trillion as I do, and no one promotes Michael Reynold inspired Earth Ships, and Rick Simpson oil (the leading cure for cancer) as I do.

Nailtown Slim aka Snerper can hate me all he wants, the bottom line is that I have no idea who he is, and have never heard of him until someone pointed out he had mentioned me on Chris Spivey’s comment page.”


Having apologised for his behaviour to Chris Spivey, following Spivey’s latest expose of the Shoreham air-show crash, to which Lisa Pea (an administrator of Spivey Facebook page) responded kindly with:

Oh bless you Matt, It’s ok, I forgive you, thankyou so much for publicly acknowledging your extreme dickheady behaviour. Your Ann Widdicombe article, was top notch old fella and instrumental to getting it out a little further, good show :) mwahhhh x”

He confronted Nailtown Slim's hostility towards him on Google+ with the message:

You’ve got me wrong. I’m my own man in no one’s pocket. You can make all the allegations you want, but from the looks of it, no one is bothered or listening.”

To which Nailtown Slim replied with venom:

No time for you Matt, you're a self serving snake who'd bite anyone to get himself noticed! At least Chris is really his own man, writes his own theories and doesn't borrow everyone else's! I won't be following your bullshit posts anymore, any further messages from you will be totally ignored, you are a dreamer who'll never make it, after all, look how long you've been trying! Such bullshit stuff like Shoreham air disaster, is Peter James a serial killer? you really are the 'Court Jester' aren't you?”

With an awful lot more to say about Matt Taylor littered across the web, take for example Nailtown Slims comment below:

Matt Taylor was gloating about Ann Widercunt, on google+, I think Matt has turned, I honestly think that in desperation for fame and riches, he’s ‘Taken the Queen’s Shilling’! What still bothers me is how a soldier who went AWOL, then got arrested after being on the run, still managed to become a military policeman? It would be like asking one of the great train robbers to look after your 5 million quid lottery winnings for you! And also it shows me at any rate, the type of geezer he is to want to be in that military police career in the first place! He advertises himself on some of his websites as a bodyguard type escort and driver, U.K. or Continental driving, a life coach, a debt buster, life casting, spiritual guidance, speech writer, video director and producer, all this and he still manages to do some agency work! I.E. = pot washer / cleaner / barman!”

It would seem Nailtown Slim’s “hate” obsession with Matt Taylor is far from over.

I believe that no man has ever set foot on the moon, but Matt certainly lives on a different planet to the rest of us! I’ve checked his posts when there was a full moon too, I think the word LUNATIC was well coined, he does go off on weird tangents, that’s a certainty! Brighton may be a city, but it’s also a small town as far as the rumour mill is concerned and it doesn’t take long for certain opinions on people’s tall stories to circulate! I really thought Hans Christian Anderson had died years ago! :=D”

Mind you Nailtown Slim isn't the only one who likes to waste their time talking about him. Take Wiggins for example:

Matt has really got the ‘sour grapes’ bug now, he goes on about no one donating to him, he says he’s so desperate now he has to work as part time agency cleaner, dishwasher and barman, because he only gets £2.00 a month donated by A. SMITH ! He says he’s now split up with his family and homeless, but hopeful of getting an interview soon as a speech writer! When you jump on and off all and sundry bandwagons, write such bollocks as ‘UFO causes Shoreham air crash’ then try to sell a book of short stories about your life, with chapters on shitting your underpants in Washington D.C., working as a male escort, getting the highest score in a military police exam, only to be awarded the lowest score and ridiculed in front of the other trainee military police in his class! You’ve either reached an all time low, or badly need help from an understanding doctor! He deserted from the army at one stage and went on the run with his disabled mum after his drunken lesbian sister set fire to the family home here in Brighton. They ran off to Paris and Amsterdam, before finally being arrested on a Scottish island! All this is what he’s written in his blogs over the last few months, his words, not mine! He has changed so much since I first knew him, I certainly wouldn’t want him writing any speeches for me, he’d be better writing for Hollywood fantasy blockbuster movies! He has got political ambitions and told me recently that he gave himself twenty years to become a ‘SOMEONE’ that was eighteen years ago, so he has two years left and is becoming increasing more desperate! In his ‘Mathew’s world of websites’ he has sixteen websites promoting himself on all fronts, very sad, I genuinely liked him too, but over the last couple of years he’s really lost the plot, or been turned, with promises of ‘fame or fortune’! He has now turned on Chris and this site, this can easily be judged by his latest post on google+, so, fuck him!

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we have to concede that fact, otherwise we’d all be as bad as the cunts who rule the world, but his opinions change with the wind, he’s totally ME, ME, ME in everything he says now and this I’m sure is all down to money and lack of donations that he keeps harping on about! It really is a shame that it’s all gone ‘tits up’ for him with his family and home life, but a lot of other people, even some on here, have similar problems and get through them eventually. Before I met my wife I’m married to now I kipped in an allotment shed for weeks until I found somewhere to live, thirty five years later I can laugh about it now but at the time it really was dire straits for me! I hold no animosity for Matt, but have decided that he’s no longer worth the effort of following him!”

While Paul, has clearly got Matt Taylor mixed up with another Matt Taylor from Brighton:

Matty washing dishes? Lmfao. Only a couple of years ago he was “Official Photographer” for most, if not all of Brighton’s main clubs….bit of a pain in the arse with all his gob, but he got by l guess. Although lm guessing wrong here, he clearly didn’t get by did he. See, when you originate from Brighton (as Nailtown knows) you get to know one person, who knows another person if you know what l mean, you gotta watch the old spiel, it’s a case of “I thought you said……” I don’t wish the little guy any harm though!”

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