Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Evoking The Spirit of King Arthur to banish the Enemy from Within

We suffer from an Enemy Within. 
Arthur: The War King
Just as King Arthur, the War King of myth and legend, united our great island against the barbarian hordes of the Saxons, Germans, Irish and Scots, we now face the battle of cleansing our nation of paedophiles, murders and charlatans from within our midst.
The Spirit of King Arthur: The War King of myth and legend has been resurrected through sterling work of two historians called Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett.
They have proved beyond doubt that King Arthur was a real person and a true King of Britain. A true King directly descended from King Brutus, the first King of Britain who came to the British shores from Asia Minor.
The legend goes that King Arthur will return when he’s most needed.
That time is NOW

The King Arthur Spirit is being summoned to combat the Enemy Within, the paedophiles, murderers and charlatans who hide behind officialdom, prestige and titles.
The number of freedom fighters who march behind the banner of Great Britain and the Law is growing exponentially day after day. More and more people are discovering for themselves the evil at the heart of our political and religious structures.
You only need to scratch the surface and the truth is revealed.
The fact that King Arthur of myth and legend is a real historical figure sums up the battle we face.

The Kings and Queens occupying the British Throne today are charlatans… The evidence is overwhelming. The truth is before our eyes and the only reason we suffer their crimes is because we choose to close our eyes against the glare of blinding truth.
King Arthur used his military genius and the lives of thousands of our kinsman to drive the barbaric hordes of Saxons and Germans from our shores, but yet 1500 years later, a satanic family descended from a Dutch royal dynasty sits upon the British Throne.
The truth is in their name; The House of Saxe-Gotha Coburg, otherwise known to us as The House of Windsor.

The label of charlatan is easily afforded to the Windsor’s due to this cowardly act of changing their surname to hide their true ancestry.

King Arthur would be turning in his grave…

Monsters Inc by Chris Spivey

I mention paedophiles and murderers as the Enemy Within and say so not lightly. 

Cameron's Closet by Chris Spivey

Bill Maloney interviewed by UK Column.

 (Probably the most important interview you will ever watch)

The bottom line is this….

To save our country as King Arthur did 1500 years ago, we must embrace the conspiracy and acknowledge the Enemy Within.

1. The charlatans of the Windsor Royal Family
2. The paedophiles and murderers masquerading as politicians and statesmen.
3. The high and mighty who preach goodness and peace publicly but who partake in evil and perversion in private.

The Queen is Arrested
Having read Arthur: The War King by Wilson and Blackett, I have come to the conclusion, that to be a King you must be a psychopath.

You must be a psychopath ready to kill, maim and terrorize in the interests of your nation and people.

The fraudulent Queen upon the British Throne today, Queen Elizabeth is such a psychopath. As are her Knights and henchmen in Parliament. You must be a psychopath to command your armies into battle which cause such death and destruction to the enemy

King Arthur was certainly a psychopath. Even though he conducted himself within the Law of the land, he was viewed as a ‘Human Devil’ by his enemies.

The Stench of Perversion
The Kings, Queens and Princes of yesterday are much as they are today, the wolves amongst the sheep. But there is a difference between then and now, perfectly illustrated by a paragraph from their aforementioned book:

'In the days of King Arthur, Kings and generals were out in front, leading their men in battle, sharing the risk and showing more courage, for they had to lead by example. This is a total contrast to the gin-swilling, yellow bellied cowards who postured and posed as generals in complete safety as far away as they could get in battle zones in the great wars if this century. Incompetence and stupidity in King Arthur’s time, meant death of r the general as well as his men. In modern times the leaders take no risk. They protect themselves with utter disregard for their men.'

I provoke the Spirit of King Arthur in all of us to come forward and stand proud and strong. The Enemy Within is everywhere but together we will win.

The quicker people believe in the real King Arthur, and in the conspiracy of the Enemy Within, then the quicker the enemy can be banished from our shores and justice and freedoms restored.

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