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Once again David Todd posts a comment of putting a 9mm pistol to the back of a benefit claimant’s head and pulling the trigger.

And once again, people 'like' his post and add their own fascist comments, further stigmatizing benefit claimants as second classed citizens and blaming them for what’s wrong in society.

Why the jealously? I just don’t get it, as the singing operetta said to the old lady waiting at the bus stop.

I am so annoyed because it’s just so wrong.

Let me explain myself and if at the end if you haven’t changed your mind, we’ll reevaluate our relationship if you don't mind.

OK, let’s look at this short video from Daybreak TV which David Todd commented about shooting benefit claimants dead with a 9mm.

That comment alone fills me with anger and disgust. David Todd, who I know through Andrew Clarke, who David Todd is his boss and who I meet while out on Andrew’s Stag'Do in London 2009.

Footage of Andrew Clarke's Stag Do, 2009.

David Todd is clearly a psychopath and a Nazi, who should be arrested. He reminds me of my brother in law (NOT) John Moran who is quoted as saying “Benefit claimants should be sent to the gas chambers”. 

After-all haven’t we seen this before in history?

An innocent section of society being demonized as society’s greatest problem, diverting attention away from the real culprits, who in today’s case are the bankers, the Establishment and corporate bosses.

And you…. my close family, my close friends, my colleagues and mentors are buying it hook line and sinker.

And what’s worse is that you are buying it from a bunch of elitist toff nosed conservatives.

Aled Jones laments the lady featured in the video by comparing her life style against those who work all the hours God sends them….

Who works all the hours God send them? Come on. I once walked home through a Chinese market at 4am in Hong Kong and witnessed a man standing up asleep as he chopped meat. As I passed his boss snapped at him and he awoke with a startle and immediately continued chopping, reprimanded for nodding off on the job

I imagine that man worked all hours God sent him but to imply people literally work 24 hours a day is ludicrous.

The law dictates 40 hours a working week is the average time people should spend at work. It’s called a full time job. It leaves you with 80 hours to sleep, feed, drink, wash and watch TV.

Like the lady said in the video, if you want to do anymore or any less, then it is their choice.

Remember my pro-word, the LAW. The law dictates that benefits are an entitlement of life. The LAW dictates an amount of money which people are entitled to live on. The LAW dictates this because otherwise people will DIE from starvation.

We the people are born into a capitalism system in which we have no control over, but yet the Tory party steamrolls over benefit claimant’s entitlements and YOU cheer as they do so.

I never lived under Nazi Germany, but what I’m hearing from the internet is that it’s just like what it is today.

Ian Duncan Smith, the minister in charge of Work and Pensions says the £200 billion benefit claimant’s bill MUST be slashed.

(If you haven’t read Chris Spivey's article 'Fuck off Smiffy', READ IT PLEASE.)

I say why? If that’s what it costs then that’s what it costs. As a servant of the people it is your job to run a competent government in which the £200 billion benefit bill is paid.

Do some research and you will learn that the reason the bill is £200 billion is due to the bankers who have manipulated the monetary system for as long as people can remember.

I remember after the 2008 financial crash the blame for society’s wrongs were rightly levelled at the bankers. It seems that a concerted propaganda campaign for the last 5 years has worked a treat on the population.

Don’t you remember that Barclay's manipulated the LIBOR exchange rate and paid a £390 million fine to stay out of jail? Estimates imply the criminal manipulation of the LIBOR rate cost the UK economy billions if not trillions.

But yet you blame benefit claimants, the most vulnerable in society, just like the Nazis did.

Don’t you remember that HSBC have been fined $1.9 Billion for laundering money from Mexican drug cartels? A $1.9 billion fine that ensures they sleep soundly at night.

Don’t you remember the politician’s expense abuses, don’t you remember that David Cameron claimed for his BBC TV licence and claimed his son’s disability benefit even though he and his wife are multi millionaires.

His TV Licence for God's sake...

(Read Chris Spivey’s ‘Cameron’s Closet’ article, I DARE YOU.)

We hear today in the Guardian newspaper that UKIP would ban benefit claimants from spending their benefits on Sky TV subscription, booze and fags.

GOD HELP ME, I can see David Todd nodding and saying ‘Yeah, too right’.

Don’t you know that Rupert Murdoch spends millions of £££'s on advertising fees to ensure the nation’s brain is bombarded with messages to buy a Sky TV subscription?

Don’t you know that alcohol companies pay the same to make their brand of alcohol cool hip and sexy?

Don’t you know the cigarette companies are at the same game? After all what is sold at the point of sale but a wall of cigarettes.

Corporate bosses spend billions a year to brain wash the population to buy what they want us to buy and when we do, the Tories lambaste the most vulnerable for doing so, and you buy it.

And considering the lower classes, (the class with the most benefit claimants), buy the most cigarettes and booze; they are paying the most from their relative incomes in tax.

In the most recent budget, cigarettes have gone up 26p and spirits 38p, but yet the headlines are that beer is being slashed by 1p.

And you are falling for it just like the German’s did before killing millions of Jews.

It’s a misconception that benefit claimants don’t pay their way, a misconception that they don’t contribute to society. They contribute more than all of us. After all, aren't we all in it together, so why are you falling for it?

David Todd seems to think benefit claimants live a life of luxury??? How can anyone can live a life of luxury on £73.50 a week is beyond me.

Other than watching Sky movies, while smoking a fag with a can beer at hand, what else can they afford to do?

David Todd moans about sitting in front of the TV watching Jeremy Kyle and getting mad about the people on the show. I say to David Todd, STOP WATCHING IT.

If you should know, the nation’s Income Tax is spent on paying back the interest of the fraudulent national debt, wars, Royalty and politician’s mistakes.

How can you blame benefit claimants for that?

Road Tax pays for the roads. National insurance pays for our health; council tax pays for our local services and value added tax pays for everything else.

Everything everyone buys has value added tax included. If no one brought cigarettes and booze the government would lose billions.

If you are going to blame a section of society for not contributing, blame the super rich.

Check out this article I found in the Guardian newspaper. The rich hide their wealth in of-shore bank accounts. Tax evasion is a way of life. The super rich are so fucking rich that between themselves they can pay off the nation debts three times over and not even notice it.

So stop bashing the benefit claimants. You make me sick…

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