Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stop paying the BBC TV Licence

Mr Chris Patten
BBC Chairman
Broadcast Centre
2012 Woodlane
W12 7TP                                                                            
Monday 26th November 2012
Dear Sir,

Following the Jimmy Savile scandal and the fact that he partook in paedophilia activities within the BBC organization and did so, earning a wage, benefiting from the silent consent and under the umbrella of it's executives, I have been left with no other alternative but to stop paying my TV licence.

Upon coming to this decision, I have also realised that at no time have I been asked to enter into a contract with the BBC corporation as to whether I want to receive and watch BBC channels.

If a BBC representative knocked on my door offering my a BBC service, I would say no.

It has also been brought to my attention that the Corporation has received and is now receiving substantial amounts of funding from the European Union, in breach of Charter Provisions, and that in consequence of this very suspect arrangement the BBC is now reduced to the function of providing both broadcasting & propaganda facilities to a form of alien authority that fails to acknowledge the Supreme Authority of the British Crown.

I am also shocked and baffled as to the reason why you gave Mr Alpine TV licence money for a reason, which has not been determined as worthy or right to do so.

Your actions and the fact that you have been aiding and abetting paedophilia activities has sickened me to the extent that I want nothing more to do with the BBC and I do not consent in paying a BBC TV licence fee, which is being spent on financially benefiting and harbouring paedophiles, perverts and criminals.

I look forward to receipt of your immediate response to this present letter and I give notice that payments in support of the BBC will be suspended, unless I receive a satisfactory response within 14 days of this present date.

Yours Sincerely,
Matt Taylor

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  1. Only in the United Kingdom, would they think of a diabolical way to collect fees for something that should be free to all, off the air!