Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Stop paying the BBC TV Licence

Mr Chris Patten
BBC Chairman
Broadcast Centre
2012 Woodlane
W12 7TP                                                                            
Monday 26th November 2012
Dear Sir,

Following the Jimmy Savile scandal and the fact that he partook in paedophilia activities within the BBC organization and did so, earning a wage, benefiting from the silent consent and under the umbrella of it's executives, I have been left with no other alternative but to stop paying my TV licence.

Upon coming to this decision, I have also realised that at no time have I been asked to enter into a contract with the BBC corporation as to whether I want to receive and watch BBC channels.

If a BBC representative knocked on my door offering my a BBC service, I would say no.

It has also been brought to my attention that the Corporation has received and is now receiving substantial amounts of funding from the European Union, in breach of Charter Provisions, and that in consequence of this very suspect arrangement the BBC is now reduced to the function of providing both broadcasting & propaganda facilities to a form of alien authority that fails to acknowledge the Supreme Authority of the British Crown.

I am also shocked and baffled as to the reason why you gave Mr Alpine TV licence money for a reason, which has not been determined as worthy or right to do so.

Your actions and the fact that you have been aiding and abetting paedophilia activities has sickened me to the extent that I want nothing more to do with the BBC and I do not consent in paying a BBC TV licence fee, which is being spent on financially benefiting and harbouring paedophiles, perverts and criminals.

I look forward to receipt of your immediate response to this present letter and I give notice that payments in support of the BBC will be suspended, unless I receive a satisfactory response within 14 days of this present date.

Yours Sincerely,
Matt Taylor

What Next?

What next after the NWO collapses? 
 It goes without saying that a social up-rising will save the world from the evil criminals masquerading as world leaders, bankers, kings and queens. 

 The critical mass has been reached and the mass media cannot ignore the crowds any longer. 

 The crowds that will smash down the doors and ransack everything the new world order holds so dear. 

 And it's this, I want to talk about. 

 What to do NEXT once the new world order has been brought to it’s knees? 

 As much as they deserve it, I don’t want to see public hangings. 

People are already calling for their balls and once the truth of their crimes become clear, people will be calling for a lot worse. 

 No, I want them to be paraded on the TV and told to explain to the people what their crimes are, as you would explain to a child. 

 The public need to hear from their own mouths who they really are and what they’ve really done. 

The whys, when's, where's and how's, revealed in every detail, so that justice can be done and the truth be told. 

 No, rather than hang them, I want them all locked them up in the Big Brother house. 

Let them confess their sins to the world. Let the people decide with weekly evictions, what justice they get.  

 I want to see The Bushes, (father and sons). The german family Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, aka known as The Windsors. Tony Blair of-course, Gordon Brown, Gary Glitter, Angela Merkel, Vladimir Putin for sure, The Clintons, The Rothchild’s and The Rockefeller's. William Hague and Harriet Harman. 
And of-course every Big Brother house needs a token black person, and who else could it be than the one and only, Barrack Obama. And thrown in Robert Mugabe for good measure. 

 Above all else, it’ll make great TV..... 



Sunday, 18 November 2012

I'm a Conspiracy Possibilitist and proud of it.



For me, the fight back began on the twentieth of January 2012 (20/01/2012), the day OFCOM took Press TV off the television waves.
No doubt, everyone will have their own dates. Their own ’Fight-Back Day’. 
The day they could ignore the proof no longer. No longer pretend it isn’t happening and face the facts, the blaring facts, that there’s an evil invading the world and making all our lives a God damn living misery.
I’m here to tell you what ’PROVED IT’ for me. To share the proof that it isn’t just a figment of conspiracy theory, that it isn't just a figment of the imagination.
Everyone has a PROOF threshold. Your proof threshold could be higher or lower than mine.
You may demand more proof before you believe, or you may need less.
Either way the evidence is there and readily available. You won’t find it on the BBC, ITV or Channel Four news channels. You won’t find it on the History Channel, Discovery Channel or Disney Channel. You won’t find it in the Sun, the Mail or the Daily Express newspapers. In fact you won't find it anywhere on the High Street or mainstream media.
You’ll find it on the alternative media, word of mouth, YouTube, leaflets, books and magazines.. 
You would have found it on Press TV, but of-course, they corrected that leak very quickly.
The evidence is out there waiting to be found. It’ll tell you there is in-deed a global conspiracy at work which is systematically eroding our rights, eroding our way of life and eroding the natural order of things.
I kid you not, the horror of the situation is very real. It’s as if we’re living in the movie of the body snatchers. It’s as if a foreign army of evil intent, are occupying every street corner. They’re occupying the air waves, the television and the newspapers. They’re occupying every facet of life and we the people are absolutely oblivious to it.
Do you remember that old quote about if you want to keep something hidden, place it right under the nose. Well it's true. They’re operating in clear view, right under our noses and we can’t see it.
Its either because we don’t believe what we are seeing or we’re seeing it but pretending we're not.
And in their defence, that’s the beauty of their invasion.
Their evil ends are so bad they rely on people dismissing them as ridiculous. 
“So ridiculous that it can’t be true.”
They’re implanting us with microchips to turn us into living zombies, “Oh don’t be ridiculous, that can’t be true.”
They’re sabotaging our children’s education to turn them into stupid minions, “Oh don’t be ridiculous, that can’t be true.”
They’re contaminating our food, water and air supply to keep us sick and dependant on pharmaceuticals, “Oh don’t be ridiculous, that can’t be true.”
They’re suppressing zero-point energy to keep us dependent on fossil fuels and slaves to oil, “Oh don’t be ridiculous, that can’t be true.”
And the best one of all, they are hiding the fact that aliens are real and walking amongst us, “OH DON'T BE RIDICULOUS, THAT CAN’T BE TRUE.”
But the PROOF has convinced me it ISN'T ridiculous and it is TRUE.
I kid you not, they are killing us, killing us slowly, silently and methodically.
They’re dumbing us down with trivial and nonsense, keeping us looking the other way while they rape and pillage the world’s resources for their own evil ends.
The best tools they use are often the most simple.
One is ’word association’. A clever little trick, easy to implement and easy to own.
By associating one word with another, these two words become linked forever.
Take White for example, what do you most commonly link with the word White?
Wash, maybe?
How about Black?
Head. The list of examples is endless. 
How about Conspiracy?
Yeah, I bet nearly all of you are thinking, THEORY...
That’s the beauty of word association. Even though conspiracy is very real and a daily event, most people associate Conspiracy with Theory. 
I mean, It’s OK for Hillary Clinton to believe a conspiracy was working behind the scenes to bring down her husband during the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. For John Major to believe in the conspiracy theory of the Barstad’s out to get him. It’s OK for George Bush and Tony Blair to believe in the conspiracy theory of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and it’s OK today to believe that Iran is developing nuclear weapons and ready to use them.
But God forbid if the PUBLIC believe in conspiracy theories, because if they do they’re deemed social misfits, marginalised to the edge of the social spectrum and ridiculed as crack pots.
I’m happy to call myself a Conspiracy Theorist. 
I believe man has visited the moon but acknowledge certain questions need to be answered, to determine whether man went to the moon when they claimed they went to the moon.
I believe the world is round, but acknowledge the theory that it could be hollow.
I believe in crop circles and acknowledge many are man made pranks.
I believe in a lot and disbelieve just as much.
So with this in mind, here are my top five theories, which represent the biggest dangers to our way of life.

Journey with me into the world of CONSPIRACY POSSIBILITY. 

We all know about the erosion of our civil liberties since that fateful day back in September 2001.
As a response to these events, the US Patriot Act became law, allowing indefinite detentions of suspects; search of homes and businesses without the owner’s or the occupant’s permission or knowledge. Surveillance of telephone, e-mail, and financial records without a court order and so much more which the average Joe has no knowledge.
In the UK, the Government swept away a hundred years of hard fought justice by passing a law which allowed the detention, without charge or evidence, for 90 days.
CCTV is watching us unlike any time in human history. Old men who heckle at political gatherings get man-handled out and arrested under the Terrorism Act.
Our government extradite British citizen’s to other countries on here-say and without evidence.
The list goes on and on. No doubt everyone can contribute an example of an social injustice and abuse of power.
But of-course the point I want to make is that all these measures have got nothing to do with terrorism.
The conspiracy possibility of the matter is that terrorism is an urban myth, created by unseen hands to strangle our rights and resources.
It’s been demonstrated that the last dozen or so terrorist attacks on American soil had been planned and encouraged by the FBI, only at the eleventh hour for the FBI to halt the attack which they themselves had been helping to bring about in the first place.
Off the top of my head I think the last ten terrorist attacks foiled by the FBI have been orchestrated by the FBI.
In the UK the media will pick up on a story and turn a mole hill into Mount Everest. 
They will report how three young Muslim men spent a day in London in preparation for an attack. How three young Muslims brought a lot of fertiliser. How three young Muslims met each other in the woods late at night for terrorist training exercises.
But once it goes to court and the suspected terrorists get released through flimsy and fabricated evidence, and not a mention is made in the media.

Health and Safety is also being used against us. Only today, my son and I, were thrown out of our local library because of a power cut.
The sun-roofs were working perfectly well, with enough natural sunlight for everyone to see. But the library clerk demanded we leave IMMEDIATELY on Health and Safety grounds.
Firemen won’t wad into three foot of water to save a kid’s life on Health and Safety grounds.
The point I’m making is that Health and Safety is the latest social injustice in a long line of social injustices rammed down our throat, disguised to make us believe it's for our benefit, when the conspiracy possibility points to the opposite. 

TAX: The biggest abuse of power of all time...
We the people have been brainwashed for so long, we have forgotten the basic facts of life.
We forget to ask what are our taxes for?
Healthcare they say? 
No, we pay for that separately with National Insurance.
Roads? No, Car Tax pays for the maintenance and up-keep of our nation’s roads.
Local services? No, that's covered by council tax.
Income Tax and VAT is just theft. Fuel, Insurance, Alcohol, Business, Cigarettes, Travel, Death, Energy, and any others I haven’t listed are just the charges to keep the illusion going.
Our Income Tax simply pays the interest of our national debt, with enough left over for war and champagne for number 10.
Taxes are the biggest abuse of power inflicted against us and the conspiracy possibility which we must all address is that we don’t need TAXES to run our country.

FALSE FLAG TERROR (7/7 & 9/11)

For so many it was the events on these days which have recruited so many people to the various truth movements around the world.
I expect, as with the millions of other viewers who watched the planes smash into the Twin Towers, the truth was in front of our eyes.
But as the months dragged on, doubts duly and surely surfaced and people began to question the official story.
We were all willing to give the benefit of doubt that a crash on the 80th floor could bring down a whole mega structure. We were willing to give the benefit of the doubt that a plane together with it’s occupants and luggage could disappear completely into a gash in the ground.
But it was too much for many to believe a 747 Bowing Jet could fit into a 16x16 foot hole of the Pentagon outer wall.
It was at this point a French website asked the question, “Where is the 747?” and learned minds began to ask more questions and as a consequence, bring the official story into doubt.
I say “learned minds” because the first seeds of doubt were planted in my mind after a letter signed by a number of retired American Air Force, Army and Navy officers called into doubt the official account.
I remembered thinking, “if this calibre of men think something smells fishy, then it must be fishy.”
I’m not going to go into every area of contention with 9/11 and 7/7, but only to quote Richard D Hall, the presenter of the RichPlanet TV Show “Anyone who believes the official stories of 9/11 and 7/7 needs their heads examined.”
You only have to watch 7/7 Ripple Effect and Loose Change, (two amongst many.)
My position is that the official accounts of 9/11 & 7/7 haven’t been PROVEN. Nothing has been proved in any court of law. Even though the authorities apportion blame on a number of young Muslim men, not one has been found guilty based on evidence.
I like millions of others, I will only believe the official story once the authorities back it up with PROOF, because as of today there is no PROOF to convince me.
For example, they could release the CCTV footage of the Pentagon on that fateful day. The only footage that has been released after 5 years of asking, only adds to the conspiracy possibility that a missile rather than a 747 bowing jet hit it.
The authorities have got the evidence which would either PROVE or DISPROVE the conspiracy possibilities and it isn’t for the conspiracy believers to PROVE it, it's up to the authorities to PROVE their side of the story.


Fiat currencies...
“What has a car manufacturer got to do with currency?” I first thought when I heard this phase; Fiat Currency???
No, I’ve come to learn that fiat currency is a currency based on paper rather than anything more substantial such as gold. 
Back in 1938 the gold standard was bumped from our currency and fiat currency was created. What I mean is that currency was no longer dependant on the amount of gold banks had in their vaults.
We all know that at one time in history you could exchange your currency note for it’s equivalent value in solid gold. Alas those days are long gone.
Our Fiat money is based on the promise that whomever holds it will honour it’s worth.
It's like your employers promising to hand you a piece of paper with number 20 on it, for you the employee completing a specific task on his or her behalf.
The employee is happy to do so because he knows that very same piece of paper can be taken to another person who has promised to exchange it for a meal and a couple of pints of beer.
Our fiat currencies of today are based on nothing more than a promise to pay.
’I the bearer promise to pay,’ it’s as clear as day on every bank note in circulation.
Which brings up the question, if currency isn’t being created on the back of how much gold is in the vault. What is it being created from?
The answer is nothing. As much as a promise is nothing. A promise is a non-physical-mental-thought. Money is being created in the same way.
When anyone goes into a bank and asks to borrow money, that money is being created as the teller taps the amount into the computer.
”How much would you like to borrow sir?”
”Ten thousand pounds please.”
”Do you promise to pay it back over the next ten years at nineteen percent interest?”
”One moment while I process the loan.”
Tap tap tap.
”There you are sir, ten thousand pounds has been credited to your account. Thank you for doing business with us.”
Job done. Ten thousand pounds created by entering the amount onto the banks balance sheet.
The bank didn’t have to do anything to make it. They magicked it from thin air.
So not only do they get nineteen percent back but they also get the ten thousand back.
Thus the conspiracy possibility exists that the banks are the longest running criminal fraud ever orchestrated against the world’s people.
I urge you all, just as I have done, to stop paying back your debts.
STOP IT NOW.......
By paying your monthly repayments you are validating their fraudulent crime.
STOP IT NOW.......
Go to getoutofdebtforfree.co.uk and download the letters which you can send to them.
It sets out in the language they use against us that ’NO, I won’t pay back anyone money which you have criminally made me believe I owe you.’
Once you open your eyes to the crimes the Banksters commit on a daily basis, you will free yourself from the constraints which money chains us.


Cold fusion, hemp, solar power, water and hydrogen engines are suppressed by the big fossil fuel corporations to consolidate their stranglehold over the world.
You only need to scratch the surface to reveal their crimes and horrors.
Check out how many patents are deemed in the national interest and stamped TOP SECRET never to be seen again.
Check out how many scientists and inventors have died in dodgy circumstances or who’ve committed suicide.
Whistle blowers are coming out on a daily basis, but, of-course the media ridicule them as fantasists and censor their stories. 
But their stories are out there waiting to be explored and shared. 
Energy corporations do everything in their power to suppress free clean and ever lasting energies. 
Not only does it ensure their flow of wealth but it also keeps them out of prison, because the suppression of free, clean and ever lasting energies is arguably the greatest crime against planet Earth and it’s inhabitants, both human and animal.
The dependence on fossil fuels which we the people, have been held prisoner to, has caused harm and destruction on an unimaginable scale.
Increase in carbon dioxide into the atmosphere leading to the Green house effect, oil spills causing numerous ecological disasters, public health diseases with the inhalation of toxic fuels, the dumping of toxic wastes, the decimation of the rain forest in Brazil and across the globe. The list is huge and I haven’t even touched upon the personal costs of having to pay for petrol, heat, light and energy.
They and I mean the ’cabal of industrialist’ who are directly responsible for the suppression of free, clean ever lasting energies, would be lynch-mobbed if the public knew of the crimes they perpetrate against us in their personal pursuit of happiness and wealth.
Imagine what life would be like if energy was free, clean and everlasting?
Utopia would be here... Wouldn’t it surprise you to learn that Utopia has been here for a very long time but kept hidden from view and used by the very elite few.
It’s not difficult to believe when you really think about it. 


Arh, Aliens, a favourite subject of any self respecting conspiracy theorist.
UFO’s are real, that is something we can all agree on. The point of contention is where they come from.
Terrestrial or extra-terrestrial, that’s the question.
For me, the alien possibility is a very strong possibility and I believe it because I’m a believer in the human spirit and a believer in my fellow man.
Perhaps I’m a sucker for a good story. I am because if someone swears blind they’ve met aliens, I can’t help but believe them.
Too many people claim it. Too many credible witnesses claim under oath, under hypnosis and under the barrel of a gun, that yes indeed, they’ve had a close encounter with a creature out of this world.
Then the evidence: The sightings and videos of unidentifiable flying objects in the sky. I suppose it’s really a fifty/fifty decision. Which way the wind blows, whether you like marmite or not.
The famous Drake Equation implies there are at least ten thousand intelligent civilisations in the Milky Way. Or rather ten thousand worlds where intelligence could exist.
Ten thousand is an awful lot. And by manipulating the equation further, the number either goes up or goes down.
One fact is indisputable, LIFE does exist, it’s just a matter of how much of it exists.
Richard D Hall’s television programme convinced me that aliens are real and present. Before I watched his show I really wasn’t bothered either way.
But it’s the likes of him and hundreds of others who have taken the time and effort to research the subject that I am convinced we are not alone and that travellers from outer space walk amongst us. And even control us...


’The New World Order’ famously penned by the visionary writer HG Wells, has been used for a very long time. Politicians and corporate leaders often use the phase when referring to the shape of things to come.
But let me assure you, it’s here, The New World Order is in full swing and we are all caught up in it’s complex web of deceit and wonder.
Perhaps they do have our best interests at heart and perhaps they know better, but then again, perhaps they don’t.
For me it comes down to our democratic right. We’ve been lead to believe we have a right to govern ourselves, to determine our own futures and to build the lives we dream for ourselves. And the thought of an organisation I have no knowledge off, by-passing this, pisses me off. I mean, deceiving us to believe we have power through the democratic vote is a scam of the most extreme and should be exposed.
Admit it. Within our hearts of hearts. We all know power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. History has demonstrated that dictatorships always turn pear shaped and innocent people inevitably are killed.

So what's the conclusion? What's the answer? What next?

We all know.... This been done many times throughout human history and needs to be done again to combat the evils which I contend are prevalent throughout the world.

Whatever you want to call it. But the people must take back what is rightfully ours and banish the greedy barstads who have taken too much for their own personal ends, for too long.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

An unpleasant e-mail exchange with a person calling himself Bert Doncaster.

From: Bert Doncaster
To: SOS Party
Sent: Thursday, 18 October 2012, 7:56
Subject: Queens Hotel

Hello Mr Taylor

I saw you speak last night and was inspired. Inspired to contact you to say thank you for giving my friend and I our best laugh for ages. Though you have no chance of winning, and would frankly be a more inappropriate PCC than Jimmy Saville, I beg you to keep going as I love to watch a narcissistic personality disordered egomaniac make a total arse of himself. I mean, Save our Society? Who are you to say what's wrong with society, and more to the point, what makes you think you're the right man to "fix it"? Society is fine mate, and if you genuinely want to make a difference, stop spunking money away on brochures, websites and advertising, and give it to a few worthwhile local charities.

I shall follow your campaign with interest.

Bert D


Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2012 10:20:48 +0100
From: sossaveoursociety@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Queens Hotel
To: bertdoncaster@hotmail.co.uk

Hello Bert,

Many thanks for taking the time to write.

I'm rather surprised that someone of your views would be present at a hustings organised by minority groups which suffer from bullying and name calling on a daily basis. Its seems you were the exception to the rule because you certainly don't demonstrate any respect and tolerance for minority views.

I'm proud to promote MAD POLITCS because I'm MAD about POLITICS and will never shy away from my convictions.

To ask what is wrong with society shows you are simply a dumb-fuck who has no understanding about the world around him. Open your eyes and look around and see whats wrong.

The only reason I created my own political party was because there were no other political parties campaigning for the things I want in society, i.e., the end of war, poverty and child-abuse.

To put me in the same category as Jimmy Saville has made you an enemy of mine.

And then to say I have no right to take responsible for the society around me is just unbelievable.

So, in your opinion, who has the right to fix society?

I have every right to try and fix society because I'm apart of society. I have every right to say society is broken, when I see riots, homelessness, BBC funded personalities free to molest children, bankers who are criminally robbing the public, politicians who serve their own interests, war which kills innocence, I can go on and on.

I'm happy you found my presentation entertaining. This is what I set out to do. I think politics is boring in the extreme and its my aim to make it more entertaining.

If you laugh; job done.

But really Bert, who the fuck are you to criticise me for stepping up to the plate to be counted. If you think you can do better, then DO IT. At least i'm putting my money where my mouth is.

I want you to follow my campaign with interest, but be aware PUNK, you have made an enemy of me.

Yours sincerely,
Matt Taylor
Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Candidate and proud of it....

On 20 Oct 2012, at 12:49, Bert Doncaster wrote:

Hello Matt

Man of the Millennium? Man of the linoleum more like.

I notice you're not in the official announced list. Though disappointed that I won't be able to observe you make an arse of yourself on a regular basis in the run up to the election, given your misguided sense of your own self importance I'm sure it won't be long until you're back thrusting your deformed face and mind into the public eye.

Yours in anticipation

Bert D

From: sossaveoursociety@yahoo.com
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2012 14:47:17 +0100
To: bertdoncaster@hotmail.co.uk

Fuck off bert.....

On 20 Oct 2012, at 16:45, Bert Doncaster wrote:

Dear Matt

That sort of language is not very becoming of an aspiring politician.

Bert D

FROM: sossaveoursociety@yahoo.com
Saturday, 20 October 2012 16:51
To: bertdoncaster@hotmail.co.uk

Tell me abit about yourself Bert, I don't know anything about you.

You never answered my question in my first reply.

FROM: Bert Doncaster
Saturday, 20 October 2012, 16:56
TO: sossaveoursociety@yahoo.com

Mr Linoleum

Do you mean "So, in your opinion, who has the right to fix society?". If so, I don't think it's broken, and therefore doesn't need fixing.


FROM: Bert Doncaster
Sunday, 21 October 2012, 14:14
TO: sossaveoursociety@yahoo.com
Hi Matt

Your mate Dave Neilson's a one, isn't he?


Sunday, 21 October 2012, 14:28
TO: Bert Doncaster

Apologise for being such a meanie to me and I'll talk more.......

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Full text of LGBT Husting 5 minutes introduction

Hello and thank you to Chris Cooke for inviting me.

May I start of by welcoming Tony Armstrong as the latest Police and Crime Commissioner candidate. Better late than never, Mr Armstrong.

Out of 1.5 million residents in Sussex, I've said all along, God help us if this is all we've got and its good to see someone else step up to the plate and be counted.

But don't be fooled. Anyone could do this job. In this room alone I reckon all of us could do the job just as well as any of us here. As far as i'm concerned, you only need THREE i'S to do the job. We've all got two i's but its the third thats the most important.


I'm the first to admit I was 15 years old when I just read a novel from cover to cover. Until then I spent my head between the covers of the 2000ad comic.

But this is where I got my INTEGRITY. Where I got the moral fibre to do the job. I've got the spirit of Judge Dredd pumping through my heart and I believe no one should be above the LAW.

INTELLIGENCE, I once took an IQ test on a iphone application and scored 143. I checked the results and to my surprise saw I'm a genius. Even I've got to admit the iphone application was seriously flawed!!!

INDEPENDENCE is a must. This whole idea of Police and Crime Commissioners was created in the spirit of independence. One of the biggest complaint of these elections is the politicization. We need free thinking Commissioners who follow their own instincts rather than the party line.

My big plan for policing in Sussex is for the community to take charge of low-level crime in their neighbourhoods, freeing the police to concentrate on serious crime, ensuring quick, effective and efficient response and convictions.

Everything you want to know can be found in my Crime Plan, free to Download from my www.sosparty.co.uk website.

I am serious about combating corruption, bad practice and incompetence in Sussex Police. I want to weed out the bad police officers and attract the good. I want to see a clean police force, a tolerant police force and the best police force.

And now for my big announcement: I've been on the campaign trail since April and the big message I've heard is that Sussex is a Conservative heart-land. Regardless of who the Conservative candidate is, they'll win this election hands down.

Its with this is mind that I'd be a fool to throw my £5,000 deposit down the drain. But I'm not going to allow stupid bureaucracy stand in the way of my perfect job.

You won't see my name on the ballot paper. I'm introducing a new concept in politics called GUERILLA DEMOCRACY.

If you want to vote for me, all you'll have to do is spoil your ballot papers by writing SOS on it. All spoilt ballot papers are counted and if by a miracle there are more spoilt papers than any other, they can sort through them and count how many with SOS on them.

So, if you want a clean police force, if you want a tolerant police force and if you want the best police force, VOTE FOR ME TO BE YOUR SUSSEX POLICE AND CRIME COMMISSIONER...

Thursday, 11 October 2012

My Expert Opinion of the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Candidates


Having met KATY BOURNE, GODFREY DANIEL and IAN CHISNALL during four Hustings events organised by the Sussex Association of Local Councils, I feel qualified to deliver my expert opinion on each of them, exploring their suitability for the top job.

So, lets start with the delightful, KATY BOURNE.

God forbid she gets the job. As I said publicly in the Hustings at Battle in Sussex.

I would be so disappointed if Mrs Bourne wins Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner election.

Its got nothing to do with her personally. She's a wonderful woman, successful in business and a loving mother.

What upsets me is that without the Conservative political machine behind her, Mrs Bourne is actually less qualified to do the job than I am.

We are both passionate about politics. We are both successful in business. She may be older, but we can both recount stories of sitting on our parent's knee, getting political lessons which have moulded our political thinking until today.

But... Whatever she can DO, I can EQUAL and do BETTER.

This election should be about competence not political party backing.

It should be about the three i's, Integrity, Intelligence and Independence.

I hate to think that the Sussex voters are brain-washed sheep. But it seems as though they will blindly vote for a Conservative candidate regardless of the candidate's competence to do the job.

It's as if they've forgotten why they vote Tory in the first place, they just do....

So if Mrs Bourne is voted PCC, it'll be a disgusting perversion of democracy in Sussex.”

We know from an article Katy wrote for the Independent Newspaper on 3 December 2009, that she wanted to be the MP for Suffolk. Alas, she wasn't selected and as a result vowed to carry on and try, try, try again.

I get the impression its all about POWER for Mrs Bourne. She doesn't care what the role is, whether its as a Member of Parliament or as Police and Crime Commissioner. The idea of being a woman in power is all the motivation she needs to carry on.

I'd feel sorry for any Chief Constable who's unfortunate enough to be landed with her. In her own words she says she'll be in his office asking 'Why?' Why hasn't crime fallen? Why hasn't this or that been done? Why Chief Constable, why?

I for one hate that approach. I'd rather ask, how I can help?

I'm not the only one who feels the same way. An ex-barrister called Duncan Roy (Scrapper Duncan) interviewed her for his blog and he feels the same way as I do. Namely to spoil your ballot paper, rather than vote for her.

But before you do so, lets move onto GODFREY DANIEL.

Again please read Scrapper Duncan's interview for a more in-depth analysis. But from my own experience, I just see an old man trying to recapture past glories.

He's on the Sussex Police Authority, the very same organisation which the Police and Crime Commissioner office is being brought in to replace. He's been a Hasting councillor and a magistrate.

To illustrate his unsuitability, I want to bring to your attention a news story from the Bognor Regis Observer.

As it reports; Godfrey visited Bognor to discuss the problem of street drinking. And here is a response posted in the comment's section, by a commentator called 'Kingzog.'

As a Labour councillor in Hastings over the past 20 years or so, Mr Daniel has made such a good job of controlling street drinking that we now have a large contingent of junkies and alcoholics in the centre of St. Leonard's openly drinking and drug dealing. Very rarely do we see any patrolling police and rarely do we see clean pavements.”

Really”, I thought, and as I said to his face during a Hustings at Arundel, “How do you expect to deal with Sussex Police and when can't even deal with street drinkers in Hasting?”

Mr Daniel boasts of his talent for town planning. He says he likes 'Rules' and believes he's got the character to be a fair and competent Commissioner. But I don't think so....

God help any of the poor souls who found themselves before him in his capacity as Magistrate. He's one of those guys who will enforce a rule whether he believes in the rule or not.

Like Katy Bourne claiming a right to be Police and Crime Commissioner because of her business skills, Godfrey Daniel is claiming a right to be Police and Crime Commissioner because he's a good town planner. Both are kidding themselves if they think they'll make good Police and Crime Commissioners.

Which brings us nicely onto IAN CHISNALL.

As a Street Pastor, he does a fantastic job caring for the less fortunate in society. He feeds the hungry and warms the cold. He clothes the naked and heals the sick. He wears sandals and prays. In another time and in another place, a crown of thorns would have been placed on his head...

I'm sure his voice will always be heard in Sussex Police and his contribution to the under-belly of Brighton's street-life is massive and commendable.

Its a shame he denies any corruption in Sussex Police and it's a shame he has connections with Common Purpose.

I'd otherwise consider voting for him.

As a conspiracy theorist and proud of it, anyone with a connection with Common Purpose rings alarm bells.

Common Purpose is a 'not-for-profit charitable organisation' which claims to train the leaders of tomorrow. While others claim its a fraudulent ‘educational charity’ acting as a change agent being used to recruit and train the commissars and apparatchiks needed to implement the British government’s hidden New World Order communitarian agenda.

This is what Common Purpose see themselves as and this is what others see Common Purpose as.

Regardless of his Common Purpose connections, you really need to read his interview with Scrapper Duncan.

In my expert opinion, Ian Chisnall should keep to tending to his flock and leave the running of Sussex Police to someone with more Integrity, Intelligence and Independence.

So, in light of having sat on the same platform as all the prospective Sussex Police and Crime Commissioners, I've come to the same conclusion as Scrapper Duncan.

There is only one thing to do: SPOIL YOUR BALLOT PAPERS.

And I'd like to go further and recommend you write S.O.S across it.

After all, all spoilt ballot papers are counted. And any with S.O.S written on it will naturally indicate a vote for the SOS Party.

But wait..........BREAKING NEWS.

On Friday 12 October, there is a public meeting where Nigel Farage will be speaking and Tony Armstrong will be introduced as the official UKIP candidate.

Congratulations Tony Armstrong, (who I've met on one occasion.) I look forward to researching him further and giving you, my expert opinion.

But until then Folks? Sussex Needs You....

Out of 1.5 million residents, it seems only a few have stepped to the plate to be counted.

Ooops, I nearly forgot...

Matt Taylor
David Joe Neilson

The anti-corruption candidates.
Click on their pictures to be taken to their campaign websites.

Sunday, 24 June 2012

They're all in it together....

Interesting that Ed Miliband should be calling for a debate on immigration.

I curve ball out from no-where. I mean, its not as if anyone else was talking about it.

I'm more interested in David Cameron's attack of Jimmy Carr. 

I'm waiting for our Great British press to dig up dirt on the Conservative front bench and their tax evasion schemes.

Come to think of it, any good journalist could just as well dig up dirt on the opposition's front bench tax evasion schemes as much as the Conservatives.So, all in all, Ed Miliband has done David Cameron a favour.

Bring up the aged old subject of immigration. He knows it's the nation's favourite subject to bitch about and in the process deflect press attention away from the tax evasion issue. Helping the Conservatives and ultimately helping the Labour front bench who's hands are just as dirty.

After all, they're all in it together...

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Brighton Parking Department,

I am writing to complain that none of the parking meters in Brighton and Hove give change.

Further-more, as unlike your website promises, neither do they allow users to pay for the amount of time required.

Please allow me to explain:

1, Anyone popping into town to drop a cheque into the bank or buy an essential piece of merchandise from the shops will on average complete the task in between 15 to 30 minutes.

The parking meters will not allow users to pay to park for either 15 or 30 minutes. Users are left with no choice but to pay for an hours parking regardless or whether they park for 5 minutes or 30 minutes.

2, To park up to an hour will cost £1.70 on most parking meters in the city. But if you haven’t the exact change, which many people haven’t, you are forced to put either a £2 coin, or £1.80 change into the meter.

As a result:

a, No change is given,

b, No extra time is given in reflection of the extra money taken.

3, The cities parking enforcement team would without hesitation, issue a parking fine if they find a vehicle which has out-stayed it’s allocated time by 5 minutes.

This means that even though a resident would have paid £2, for a fee of £1.70 up to one hour, and for whatever reason was delayed in getting back to their vehicle by 10 minutes, would be fined, even though they would have paid for the over 1 hours stay.

4, Many coin operated machines, from telephone booths, to crisp, chocolate and drink dispensers, to parking meters in Churchill Square, to changed givers, stamp dispensers, condom dispensers etc, all provide change.

How can you justify your parking meters not providing change?

This practice of keeping change and not allocating extra time for extra monies paid constitutes fraud on a massive scale and a criminal act of swindle.

I intend to bring this matter up with my MP, and conduct a campaign through local media to highlight this grave and criminal act against the residents of Brighton and Hove City. I also intend to raise this issue with the European Ombudsman.

I wish this email to be my formal statement of complaint.

Matthew Taylor

Monday, 26 March 2012

Letter to the Queen: A Royal Pardon

I am interested in running in the November 2012 election for the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex.
As once a Royal Military Policeman of Your magnificent Forces, I believe I am well minded to be an excellent Police and Crime Commissioner and make a real difference in the community I live.
Sadly my duty to You was regrettably brought to a swift and undignified end, when in September of 2001, I was dismissed from Your Forces with immediate effect and demoted in rank, for the possession of an illegal drug with the intent to supply.
This distorts the fact that I sent five cannabis joints to my dying mother to alleviate her pain while she lay on her death bed.
I hope you agree that what I did in no way makes me a drug dealer as the offence implies.
I am bringing this to your attention because a requirement to become a Police and Crime Commission, one cannot stand for election if one has ever been convicted of an imprisonable offense.
Even though I broke the terms and conditions of the 1955 Army Act, I am concerned that it would be confused as a civilian offence and result in disqualification from standing.
With this in mind I humbly beseech You my Queen and Majesty, to Pardon my offense to ensure I am eligible to stand in the November 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner election for Sussex.
Please Your Majesty, you are my last best hope for Victory.
Ma'am, I have the honour to be and remain Your Majesty’s humble and obedient servant,
Private Taylor MD

Friday, 2 March 2012

The Golden Cube: Chapter Three

With the rain lashing out its fears and disappointments upon the ground below, a lone figure darts from door to door, with his coat pulled up over his head in a vain attempt to keep as dry as possible.

Eventually he arrives at the door he knows so well.

Deep in the heart of Brighton City, deep in the lanes which are so enjoyed by tourists and shoppers alike, resides the Crowley private members club.

Named after the notorious Aleister Crowley, an influential English occultist, astrologer, mystic and ceremonial magician, not to mention a bisexual, recreational drug experimenter and a social critic, whose motto in life was ’Do What Thou Wilt.’

The club is renowned to attract a certain type of person unique to Brighton society, a type of person who couldn’t care less for law and order, but everything for chaos and rebellion.

The lone figure pants out of breathe and shivers. He looks up at the sign above the door with a tinge of disappointment.

Arh you ‘R’, I hate yer,’ he thinks to himself.

A far better role model for the community,” he’s argued more than once, “is to have our club named after Harry Cowley, a renowned Brightonian political activist who devoted his life to helping the poor and fighting fascism. Isn’t it better to remember a true hero rather than a man credited with being the wickedest man in the world?”

Many people agreed but the most vocal opposition came from Pete Moon, his best friend, and as a consequence the Crowley Club remains the Crowley Club.

An old hunch-backed Chinese woman owns the freehold, and whose name is on the publican licence. Legend says she won it from an English Gentleman over a game of poker in an opium den in Hong Kong during the 1960’s. She came to England on the back of it.

Her daughter runs the business side, she’s in every night to clear out the tills, a manageress called Victoria is employed to run the day to day affairs, but other than that the members are left to their own devices.

The front door is like any other front door to the world. The building’s windows are painted over with black paint. It looks like a private house on a street of shops. It’s sufficiently sounded proofed, to dampen the noise of the bands and performers which take to its stage. There’s nothing from its outward appearance to give the passer-by the impression of a popular private members club in full swing. On entering, the bar is on the left and chairs and couches are on the right. The right wall is covered with books, free to use by all members. Walking further in, alongside the bar, you come to a large open space where the entertainment is provided. Beyond the stage area are stairs down to the toilets and garden, upstairs to the office and further upstairs to a two bedroom flat, which coincidently, Victoria and Pete share.

With a rap on the door, a small box slides to the left. Someone peers through to take a look. Four bolts are heard being unlocked and within moments you’re inside.

Hey Bingo, just in time, Scrabble’s up.”

Bingo also known as Leonardo Ashman, sometimes called Leon or Leo, but more often than not just Bingo, is a regular at the club. A popular member, he’s an important player in the political activist group which has based itself at the Crowley Club for the past decade.

With a trademark red beret on his head, and when it isn’t, rolled up and stuck in his trousers belt loops, black hair hidden underneath, standing at an average height of 5'9", average figure neither too fat nor too thin, wearing black jeans, a red tee-shirt with the logo ’Keep Calm and Carry On,’ red scarf, a collection of bangles on his wrist and Nike trainers, Bingo is as average as any other guy in Brighton you’ll hope to meet.

Alright? Shit weather out there tonight, but it should clear up by morning,” Bingo said to the half a dozen people hanging around the bar.

Stacy’s behind the bar, the barmaid for the evening. At five-foot-tall she’s a Kylie Minogue look-alike, and the club’s sexy vixen. Even though her pop star body stays hidden under layer and layer of Oxfam leftovers, her cute and friendly face brings a smile to all who meet her.

Then there’s Pete, Dave, Richie, Toadstool and Larry.

Stacy, Dave and Richie have a scrabble bar in front of them and another reserved for Bingo.

It would be hard to imagine a game of Scrabble being played in the Crowley Club without Bingo. He loves the game with a passion and everyone knows it. He usually wins, but more often than not, he doesn’t. He isn’t a great user of long words, but comes to win the games with clever protection of the red squares and strategic use of double and triple letter scores.

A game between Bingo and Pete many years ago is still talked about with great fanfare and reverence. They were neck to neck with their scores. Pete had pulled away in the lead with a magnificent eight letter word using all his letters giving him 150 bonus points, but Bingo had slowly but surely levelled the score with his trade-mark triple and double scoring strategies. Pete’s magnificent eight letter word is all but forgotten, expect by Pete of-course, because it was a three letter word that Bingo put down that everyone remembers.

No way,” Pete said shaking his head, “U.F.O is an abbreviation.”

I beg to differ mate, ufo is a word, pronounced you-foe,” Bingo countered.

The Oxford Dictionary only inflamed the situation. Everyone was tired. As with many games, it starts off with four players and usually lasts for a couple of hours. But on this fateful night, it went on much longer.

The dictionary says it’s a noun Pete,” someone says, only for Pete to reiterate, “it’s an abbreviation for fucks sake. U.F.O stands for unidentified flying object, you morons. It’s not allowed,” leaning over to flick the letters of the board.

Bingo slapped his hand away.

If the dictionary says it’s a noun, then it’s a noun, OK. I’m having the score, leave them alone,” said Bingo with a glint in his eye saying he’s willing to go all the way.

Pete then changes the whole dynamics by slamming his fist on the bar, making all the letters jump from their positions and making everyone else jump too.

Pete, as the leader of Brighton’s SMASH HELL political activist group from its conception, way back when New Labour came to power, is a successful leader, as much as Tony Blair is a successful leader, for being a tolerate bloke.

A bloke who doesn’t get hot under the collar and who certainly doesn’t lose his rag in front of the troops.

So it was this display of aggression that made everyone stop what they were doing and pay extra special attention.

Oh for fucks sake Pete. Calm down. It’s in the dictionary as a noun. You have no more tiles and with these points I win. So yes mate, I am having it OK,” said Bingo eye to eye.

You could hear the collective intake of breathe. An affront to Pete’s leadership. What Pete says goes and God help anyone who says otherwise, let alone his best friend. Reality drama at it’s very best, made all the better when Pete slaps Bingo full across the face.

Bingo reeled back in either pain, of more likely shook, because it wasn’t a punch, more like a very loud slap which left a blazing red mark on his cheek. It was more laughable than serious, but everyone waited to see Bingo’s response, and Bingo didn’t let them down.

He waited, one, two, three, four, five and then launched himself. With his hands clutching Pete’s throat, Bingo literally lifted him off the ground, slamming him onto the wooden floor on his back.

UFO is a word,” said Bingo, face to face before letting go and running out of the club.

Everyone remained silent for the at least ten seconds as Pete stood up and dusted himself down.

They all wondered why he left so fast, but truth be told, Bingo was on the verge of crying and didn’t want anyone to see.

After-all he's a gentle soul, and fighting his best friend, and being slapped like a girl in full view, was too much for his gentle character to take.

Pete and Bingo never talk about the events of that night, but after a few drinks, and when there is nothing else to talk about, people would often bring the story up and laugh to their hearts delight over Bingo’s look on his face at getting slapped, and then Pete’s look on his face at getting slammed to the ground and being told “ufo is a word.”