Friday, 9 September 2011

My 9/11 Diary Entry

On September 11th 2001, I was in prison for a crime I did commit.
I wrote in my diary that day:

It was about 14.30 hrs when Staff Merry opened my cell door and told me something that made my jaw drop in astonishment and disbelief.
Two American Airliners had crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centres.
After rushing to the television, I was stunned to learn that not only was the hub of America’s financial infrastructure attacked, but the Pentagon too.
Three hijacked American Airline Commercial planes had been flown into the financial and military centres of the most powerful nation history has ever seen.
This was news that made my knees tremble. Never before had the world seen such an audious act of terrorism.
I watched stunned as the Twin Towers and the Pentagon bellowed smoke into the clear bright american sky of 9/11.
Then the second of the Twin Towers to be hit, came smashing to the ground. At first I thought another bomb had gone off at ground level. But all was made clear as the footage was rewound. The building fell in on itself.
The smoke and dust engulfed the surrounding buildings much like a tidal wave flowing through the streets.
Then the second tower joined the first. Two symbols of American's supremacy and might came crashing down to the ground. 110 stories collapsing to a rubble within half and hour of each other.
The Pentagon suffered the same fate. A section of it's pentagram defense wall collapsing to the ground in a blaze of fire.
All hell had broken loose on the streets of New York and Washington. Unconfirmed reports were flooding in that a car bomb had exploded outside a defense building in Washington, that a plane has crashed into Capital Hill, and that another hijacked plane was on route to the White House.
It was later confirmed that another commercial American Airliner had crashed into a Pennsylvanian field. Even now they are speculating as to whether it's just a coincidence or something more sinister. Only tomorrow's news will give us a clearer picture, for tonight America is living through it's second Pearl Harbour.
A National tragedy,” said President Bush.
The New Evil in our world today,” said Prime Minister Blair.
Terrible Tragedies,” echoed President Putin.
The most audious act of terrorism the world has ever seen,” summed up the world's press.
The blame has been pointed to the Middle East even before the dust settled. The most wanted terrorist has been named as Osama Bin Laden, leader of the Al Qaeda network based in the Taliban stronghold of Afghanistan.
Hamas denied any connection by saying “Our battle is on Palestinian ground, we aren't ready to take that battle further.”
Arafat the PLO Leader condemned the attacks and showed genuine sorrow to the American people, not that his own people shared his sentiments.
Jubilation was felt throughout the Islamic strongholds. Free sweets were being thrown to the kids in the streets of the Gaza strip.
The repercussions were swiftly felt in Europe. Prime Minister Tony Blair had to stop mid-flow through his speech at the TUC conference in Brighton and rushed to a hastily arranged emergency cabinet meeting [coded named COBRA] in London.
All transatlantic flights were cancelled. The European Parliament in Brussels was evaluated, world-wide stock markets closed, oil and gold price surged, airline and insurance prices plunged.
As expected America saw the worst repercussions. The White House, federal and other public buildings evacuated. All American and Canadian flights grounded, Manhattan cut off. Never before has America endured anything like it and that was only in response to the initial shock. Only tomorrow and the coming months would reveal the true repercussions to the world.
But for today it is safe to presume that nothing will be the same again.
A new world order is in the making, a united front of democratic nations against he states of Terrorism, (whoever they may be.)
A self-fulfilling prophecy of President Bush's making. Was it not mere months ago that he was warning the world a new kind of terrorism was threatening the peace of the free and democratic world? That we should be concerned enough to back his stance of reneging against the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty and Chemical & Biological Treaty and join with America in making a National Defense Mechanism regardless of the protests from China and Russia?
His dire warnings have come to fruition. The world is shocked, and will now stand up and take notice.
With the death toll yet to be determined, the consequences yet known, all we can do now is wait. Wait for the full story to be told, safe in the knowledge the end is far from over.
Only one thing is for sure, as Prime Minister Blair made clear, “We will eradicate this evil [Terrorism] from this world.” (Though who, what and how isn't clear.)
For this day will go down in history as the day it all started.

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