Saturday, 27 August 2011

What if the conspiracy theorists are right?

What would happen to the world, if the conspiracy theorists were proved to be right after all?

Right that aliens are real. Right that JFK was killed by the CIA. Right that the moon landings were faked, right that the Earth is hollow and right that the Pyramids were built with alien technology.

Surely, if it’s all true? Nothing would be the same again.

The people of world will wake up the next morning and say to their political leaders, “Come on then, show us the goodies.”

Let’s not forget that after World War Two, our political leaders promised us a brave new world. A world of futuristic cities, flying cars and utopian living. Clean and ever-lasting-energy, house-keeping robots, space travel and immortality.

A whole new world was about to open up to us. We had survived the wars and given our lives to save the world from the tyranny of fascism.

A world of technological wonder was to be our reward for giving our lives to win the wars.

But alas all we got was more war. More wars, death and destruction.

Even after the creation of the United Nation’s (who’s mandate was to ensure world wars never happened again.) We got the Cold War. In effect World War Three, with another name.

But I’m straying from the point.

Wars would cease forth-with if the people of the world knew war is nothing more than a money making scheme for an elite few.

People would take to the streets, converge on mass to Area 51, and other (so called) secret army bases around the world.

Bring out the aliens, bring out the aliens”, the crowds would chant.

And with no choice but to submit to the people’s will, all the secrets hidden from view would be wheeled out into the bright sunshine of truth.

Interstellar galactic flight would become a reality for each and everyone of us. Groups of school children would visit the outer moons of Jupiter as part of their science projects. Trips to the outer reaches of the galaxy and onto the next, will be a tourist attraction open to all.

Aliens will be overnight sensations. We’ll see them on chat-shows, game-shows and talent-shows. We’ll see their faces on thousands of products, endorsing anything from breakfast cereals to insurance products.

They’ll walk amongst us, live amongst us and breed amongst us. In a stroke our society will intermix with species from the other end of the galaxy. We’ll learn from them and benefit from them. We’ll visit their home worlds and go for a spin in their space-ships.

The Earth’s collective mindset will shift to a new paradigm. No longer will we see ourselves as alone in this universe but instead as part of a galactic family, one of many in an universe of endless possibilities.

Airline’s around the world will go out of business. London to Sydney in two minutes will be a daily occurrence. All traditional forms of transport will be replaced will space-ships. There will be a space-ship on every street corner ready to take you where-ever you want. To the end of the street, the next town, the other end of the country, the other end of the world or far far beyond to the other end of the galaxy.

All traditional types of fuel will be made redundant. Oil, gas, electricity and nuclear power will be replaced with a zero-point-energy source hidden from humanity for so long.

Pharmaceutical companies will go bust, with new remedies and cures released free of charge. Immortality will be a step closer, for us all.

Money markets will collapse because the banking cartels would be exposed for what they really are, namely criminal organisations guilty of raping the worlds resources for their own evils ends.

No one would need money, when Star Trek style atom-materialises are sold in the shops. Say what you want and out it pops.

The Earth’s population will reduce in number. With the opening of a vast new frontier at Mankind’s disposal, millions will opt to travel through the stars to colonise new worlds, far far away.

The secret societies and hidden knowledge of the world will be opened wide for the benefit of all. The ancient wisdoms passed down from the age of King Solomon, will finally be free from the clutches of the few and into the hands of many.

World religions would shudder but will quickly turn the situation to their own advantage. God is universal, after all. Aliens would be reclassified as angels and God as an ancient astronaut. Erich Von Daniken would of-course have been proven right.

Other conspiracy theorists, like David Icke, chief amongst them, would be elevated to modern-day visionaries and prophets. The stigma and ridicule would be wiped clean and conveniently forgotten. They would be the new heroes of the day and be offered positions of world statesmanships.

But still, conspiracy theory would prevail. Millions of people simply wouldn’t believe what they see. Refusing to acknowledge the unfolding events, claiming it all to be fake. ’The water supplies have been contaminated with LSD’, ’It’s all holographic’, ’They are all actors wearing costumes’.

A reversal of mind-sets would happen in which everyone who were conspiracy theorists become mainstream and everyone who didn’t believe in conspiracy theory would become the new conspiracy theorists of the day.

The reputations of politicians and military leaders will be damaged beyond repair. These are the people who will be blamed for keeping the truth hidden for so long. Their roles in society will disappear all together. The people of the world simply won’t forgive and forget.

Their crimes, lies and cover-ups would be too much to bear. Forcing the world to endure pollution, war, poverty and crime, when it could have all been so different, is a crime too far for anyone to stomach.

There will be a world court, tasked with the duty of bringing justice to the persons responsible for the cover up.

The former president of America, George W Bush and Queen Elizabeth II of England, could be the first in the dock. Guilty of being Reptilian aliens as David Icke claims them to be.

Of-course conspiracy theorists aren’t viewed highly in today’s society. More often than not they are deemed as ’fruit-loops’ and ’loony-tunes’. Though I imagine they quite like the label of ’truth-seekers’.

They are commonly accused of being arrogant, relentless and blinkered in their thinking.

That they will always shout ’conspiracy’ even when the vast body of evidence says there isn’t. The conspiracy theorist would pin-point the smallest inconsistencies, blowing them up to discredit the over-whelming evidence that says other-wise.

They are accused of calling anyone who disagrees with their theories as part of the cover-up and unable to answer questions themselves, and incapable of providing the concrete evidence to support their own conspiracy theories.

They’ll simply say the evidence is there under our noses. You only need to scratch at the surface to reveal the cover-up below.

It’s a tough job being a conspiracy theorist in this day and age, but someone has got to do it! The world would certainly be a dull place without them.

In their defence it’s the media who generally demonise them and portray them as freaks. In my experience they are intelligence and clever people with logical and contrary opinions or theories, who represent the minority of people who are not afraid to speak out, defend their rights, and stand up to the injustice prevalent in our world.

The fact is too many people are telling their truths. It’s simply a matter of believing what they say or dismissing them as delusional liars, with no shame.

To believe or not to believe, this is the question or the 21st century.

But what if, just what if, they are right?

The world will never be the same again. It would have been turned up-side down and inside out, the effects of which would be felt in every area of life.

The world will adapt to this new reality. The dark ages, will be remembered with pain and distain. The mind will bury the memories in a room never to be opened again.

A brave new world would have finally dawned. The mind set free and equality for all.

This isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem. ’Disclosure’ as it’s called, could be days away.

Be prepared, don’t be scared. The truth is coming like a stampeding herd of buffalos. It’s going to knock you off your feet and run with you for a while, and once it drops you to the ground, you’ll never quite be the same again.

Nothing will be the same again.

MAD Politics

MAD politics is a concept not many of us are familiar with, nor comfortable being discussed in mainstream politics. Madness is deemed undesirable by society and anyone who is mad is usually locked up in a padded cell for their own safety.

This is alarming considering one in four of us are reported to suffer from a mental illness once in our life-time. From that statistic alone, you would think there would be an asylum on every street corner, but no. The mad are treated within the community more and more. So, following this, it is only right to presume the mad make up a big percentage of the voters today?

Then there are those who don’t have a mental illness, but instead a difference of opinion to the more established thinking of the day.

All politicians should be rounded up and shot”, could be a common line, heard up and down the UK, in any pub, on any given day.

You’re mad mate, that would never happen”, would most probably be the reply.

Immediately, such a crazy thought is dismissed out of hand. And of-course it should be. The cold bloodied murder of 646 individuals should never be condoned.

But the point I want to make is that on BBC Newsnight, politicians may well discuss an invasion of a country, resulting in whole armies being killed and collateral damage on a massive scale.

Cold bloodied murder of thousands of innocent people, but yet madness is never mentioned.

The question the British people have to confront is:
What is mad?

The Monster Raving Looney Party is what people would usually associate with mad politics. I personally see it as more silly politics than mad. 

Ironically one of their policies made it into law. Passports for animals are now a reality.

The 2010 General Election in the UK saw a 65% voter turnout. Leaving a respectable 35% who didn’t bother. 

In our present system we have the choice of left and right. This is how our political choices are divided up and sold to us. The Conservatives take the right and Labour the left, with a collection of smaller parties taking up the rest. 

You get far left and far right. The farthest right you go, you come to the neo-fascists and the religious fundamentalists who believe the ’Rapture’ is imminent.

At the other end, you could come across the hippies who believe in UFO’s, ghosts and fairies.

The point I want to make is that perhaps it is these far spectrums of voters, which should be brought into the fold and given the attention they so obviously deserve.

Millions of people across the globe believe in imminent ’Rapture’ and just as many believe in UFO’s. With these beliefs come different political views and expectations of what society should be doing and how it should be doing it.

This is what mad politics is all about. Giving the mad the microphone, so they can speak loud and proud. Then and only then might we get into the realm of 99% voter turnouts. 

All the time the left, right and centre get their voices heard. But never once have I heard a madman or woman on the panel giving their political point of view. 

The 35% of people who didn’t vote in 2010, must have something to say. And no doubt it’s at logger heads with what the rest are saying.

I myself have a simple rule that seems to sum up my approach to political debate. I’ve found that everything our politicians say ’yes’ to, I say ’no’ to.

Amazingly this approach bears wisdom whenever it's used. You can bet your last pound that if a politician is telling you something is good for you, it really isn’t. And if something is bad for you, it really is good. Deeper research in anything they say, proves this point, time and time again.

For example let’s take a closer look at the perceived sanity of our politicians to date.

The number one waste of money that springs to mind is the billions spent on the nuclear deterrent which no-one has used or wants to use. In fact, the madness of it is spelt out for us all to see.
Mutually Assured Destruction (Em A Dee) is the one thing keeping us alive.

(Bear in mind I’m just picking examples out of the air here). 

Number two, the reason we went to war with Iraqi over weapons of mass destruction, was based on a conspiracy theory that they had weapons of mass destruction. 

Isn’t it madness in itself that governments should send soldiers to their deaths on a theory rather than fact?

Three... Paying people not to work in the form of benefits, often called unemployment benefit. 

No wonder people don’t want to work if the government gives them a benefit not too. Madness, but a bloody good perk if you can get it.

Four, I have to think now... Oh yes. Allowing a private consortium of banks to print the nation’s money supply, and borrowing that money from the banks at interest. This means that the government needs to tax its people to pay back the interest the banks demand, on the money the governments allowed them to print.

According to the UK National Debt figures, £43 Billion was paid in interest to the banks in 2010. Is it not madness that the countries entire income tax is spent on paying back the interest on the money we borrow from the banks, for allowing them to print our money in the first place?

Number five, now let me think....Arhhhh, Easy.

Sending our fitness, brightest and best men and women to war, with the real and present danger of getting them killed. Isn’t it madness to spend billions on death and destruction, when we would get more for our money, if it was rather spent on life and reconstruction?

Isn’t it best to talk to your enemy and become friends, rather than kill your enemy and create more enemies for generations to come?

There you go, five examples plucked from the air, of the madness we presently have to endure under the guise of so called sanity.

Dig deeper and I bet you too can pluck five examples from the air, of the madness our politicians make us bare.

If we are going to call a spade a digging implement or a carrot an orange edible vegetable, then so be it. Our politicians have won the battle of our minds to dictate their will over ours. But if you want to call a spade a spade and a carrot a carrot, then perhaps, just perhaps, we all have to go be a bit more mad, to stand up to the so called sanity we are being force feed every day.

This world really is topsy-turvy and perhaps a dose of madness will turn it the right way round.

So, how about it everyone? Don’t you think it’s time madness gets its chance to voice its political point of view?

You may come to the conclusion that madness is the refreshing change our country needs, as we tackle the 21st century.

I’m MAD, are you?

It's War- Fact v's Fiction

It’s war.

You may have already have noticed it banging at your front-door.

It’s not a war of good verses evil. Of right against wrong. Of left against right.

It's a war of FACT against FICTION.

This is the war that’s being fought all around us and with the anniversary of the 9/11 looming, it's about to go into over-drive.

What are the FACTS? And what is the FICTION?

This is the question and the basis of the war, we find ourselves fighting.

A FACT is something you can experience with your five senses and FICTION is something from the imagination.

These are the sides each and every one of us must now join.

The problem being of-course, is that we don’t know one from the other. Each army believes they know the FACTS and that everyone else has been manipulated and brainwashed into believing the FICTION..

Which brings us to another question.

Where is the truth in all of this?

Perhaps there is no truth. After-all, truth is in the eye of the beholder.

As the old saying goes, “History is written by the victorious…regardless of the truth.”

Would it be fair to surmise, “there is no truth, only facts and lies.”

For this is the dividing line. The line between mind-sets and paradigms.

This war won’t involve guns and bombs. It’ll manifest itself with a knock at your door. With detention without cause and confiscation of what you hold most dear in the world, namely your children, car and home.

The government will feed us fiction packaged as fact, as they did with weapons of mass destruction, terrorism attacks and the absolute necessity to save the banks.

Was 9/11 really the work of Islamic fundamentalists. Was 7/7 really the work of four young men.

Was Osama Bin Laden really killed in Pakistan and dumped at sea. Who really killed JFK? Are really aliens real? And did men really land on the moon?

What are we being told? Is it Fact or Fiction?

That’s the greatest question. And this is the question we must answer to achieve salvation.

Decide now and choose your side. War is upon us today and we must fight now to secure our tomorrow.

Everyone must read between the lines, watch news from around the world and research other more obscure media outlets to see what is really going on.

You may have guessed what side I’m on.

I don’t believe a word the media and government’s say.

It’s a dangerous world out there and it’s getting more so with each passing day.

But don’t get too scared. FACT will win the day.

Just be prepared for a change. Be prepared for something totally new, but most importantly of all, be prepared to change your beliefs and everything you know to be true....

War is at our door. Time to decide. Is it FACT or is it FICTION. Is it time to Live or die?

Muad'Dib is Free

Have you heard, Muad’Dib is free.

You know Muad’Dib (pronounced Moor-Dib). A weird name I agree. He looks like Merlin with his long white beard. An unlikely hero who fights against the evil in our so--ci--e--ty.

Muad’Dib, boy, what a story. If you haven’t heard about Muad’Dib and 7/7 Ripple Effect, well I don’t want to be rude, but you’ve had your head in the sand for the last few years.

In a nut shell, Muad’Dib contends the 7/7 London bombings WEREN’T, I repeat WEREN’T, carried out by four home-grown Islamic fundamentalists as our government and state media has lead us to believe.

He is so sure of this and believes he has evidence to support this statement, he filmed a documentary called 7/7 Ripple Effect, bringing all this evidence onto one round disc.

If you haven’t watched it yet, you really should. I found it both professional and compelling. This is the work of a sound and intelligent mind bringing together a wealth of information, pointing to a set of facts which our government and state media are telling us are lies.

Watch it if you haven’t done so already.

Basically, do you remember the inquest into the 7/7 London bomb victims? Well, not quite into them, but rather the inquest into the secret services response to 7/7, and how if it happened again, what would be the lessons learnt so on and so on.

Well, at the start of the inquest the presiding judge and prosecuting barrister, told the twelve members of the jury that the four young men, Mohammed Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer, Germaine Lindsay and Haib Hussain were guilty of the 7/7 London bombings.

Having seen 7/7 Ripple Effect you can see why this assertion in a court of law infuriated Muad’Dib to such a degree that he felt he had to send a copy of his documentary to the presiding judge.

After all, isn’t it a duty of every citizen to submit evidence to a court of law in the event of an impending injustice occurring?

Yes, of-course it is. And yes, even to the most layman of citizens, we all know that each and every one of us are innocent until proven guilty. It’s the back-bone of British justice after-all. And as none of the four alleged bombers have had their day in court, isn’t it right and proper not to label them guilty of a crime they have never been found guilty off.

Oh, but no, you wouldn’t believe what happened next......

You would not believe it, Adam and Eve it.

He only goes and get’s arrested for perverting the course of justice.

Arrested for sending a disc of his documentary to a court of law because he believed a grave injustice was being perpetrated.

He was living in Ireland at this time. So, low and behold he gets arrested and imprisoned while his extradition to England is finalised.

He spends a year fighting his extradition, while the clogs of in-justice turn and before he knows it he’s on the way across the Irish Channel.

Back in England, at Wandsworth Prison, it just gets worse.

For a start he’s deleted from the system. No-one knows where he is or whether he is or not.

When the cock-up is eventually rectified, the mistakes still came thick and fast, because on more than one occasion he was expected at court only for the prison to lose him in the system, unable to get him to his court hearings.

The consequence of-course meant he spent more time in prison than he had too.

So eventually in March 2011, he got his day in court and started off the proceedings by calling into doubt the legality of the authority of the Queen, as head of state and monarchy, due to fundamental mistakes made in her Coronation. Number one being that the Destiny Stone was a fake and two, that she has broken the oath to the British people by allowing sovereign duties, be passed to the European Parliament.

Brilliant in my opinion. I don’t think that had ever been brought up in a court of law before.

As you would expect these contentions were swiped aside with distain by the Judge. And the case went ahead.

Thankfully the 7/7 Ripple Effect documentary was shown to the jury. Praise be for some justice in our judicial system.

After a day of the mumbo-jumbo of legalise and the character slaughter of the prosecution, it was finally time for Muad’Dib to take the witness-stand.

He explained to the jury that he sent the DVDs to the courthouse because innocent men were being maliciously prosecuted, just like he was, and that he could not sit back and watch people go to prison for something they didn’t do.

Justice prevailed that day and after two and a half hours wait, the jury returned a 10-12, 'not guilty' verdict. Of-course the presiding judge wasn’t happy. He had done everything is his power to send Muad’Dib down, and as the public gallery erupted into spontaneous applause the judge made a hasty retreat.

Muad’Dib should never have stood trial for perverting the cause of justice. He should have been praised for up-holding it.

The whole stinking story illustrates a perversion at the very heart of the British Judicial System. That they can muck about with judicial procedures, depriving a man of his liberty, is criminal and sick.

This story proves there are dark forces (as Queen Elizabeth said herself), at work behind the scenes.

The same dark forces who will do everything in their power to cover the facts of the 7/7 London terrorist attacks, which is so obviously a false flag terror attack.

Muad’Dib is a modern day hero. If you don’t know that, well, I’m afraid you don’t know twat and you’d better catch up with the real world around you.