Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Dragon's Den Application

I'm asking the Dragons to invest in me. As leader of the SOS Party I’ll use the investment to make myself a household name and in doing so ignite the spark that will ultimately bring about a new world order.
The majority of the public doesn’t vote, it's these people I’ll target with my unique brand of politics, which entertains not bores.
Revenue will be from merchandise sells, such as tee shirts, books, DVDs etc, plus national tours and TV programs.
I'll use the investment to build a HQ and TV studio, plus launch a campaign at the next general election.
I’ve written books on the subject (The SOS Manifesto http://www.myebook.com/index.php?option=ebook&id=29788) and have published a collection of true life stories (http://www.taylortales.co.uk), plus numerous youtube videos. (http://www.youtube.com/user/taylormotm?feature=mhum)
A hundred years from now, when we all live in a world free of war, poverty and child-abuse, a world in which we have contact with Interstellar Species who share their technologies because Humanity has progressed. We will remember the Dragon’s sparked the light, which made it happen.
This is a unique opportunity for the Dragon’s to make history.
Make history by investing in ‘his (Matthew Taylor’s) story’.
Check out www.matthewtaylor.yolasite.com for further information.
(Author, Writer, Actor, Performer, Film Maker, Life Coach, Father and Son)
I'm the newest political talent waiting to be discovered.